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We are proud to be a Lexington Distillery. Bluegrass Distillers is a craft bourbon distillery in the heart of the Kentucky bluegrass, the horse capital of the world. Embodying the spirit of thoroughbred racing, the craft whiskeys and bourbons are distilled with excellence evoking tradition, class, and intensity with each sip.
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Bluegrass Distillers Blue Dog Whiskey

Blue Dog Whiskey, Mash Bill #4


This unique whiskey is made from a mash bill of 80% blue corn and 20% wheat.  We used wheat so the essence of the blue corn would dominate the spirit.  We sell this as an un-aged spirit, called Blue Dog Whiskey, only because it is so tasty and aromatic right off the still.  We are also aging this spirit in new, white oak, #4 char, 25 gallon barrels so it can be released as bourbons.  If you are on the bourbon trail and want to walk with something unique, then save room in your suitcase for some Blue Dog.  We partnered with a local farm to grow our own blue corn.  It will be harvested and distilled in the fall of 2016.

*Available now only at the distillery while supplies last

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