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Bluegrass Distillers is a craft bourbon distillery in the heart of the Kentucky bluegrass, the horse capital of the world. Embodying the spirit of thoroughbred racing, the craft whiskeys and bourbons are distilled with excellence evoking tradition, class, and intensity with each sip. Our recipes are formulated in house and each batch hand crafted with local and organic ingredients. Following distillation, our spirits are aged to perfection in charred white oak barrels. We invite you to taste our unique blends and discover why they are all the rage.
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Bluegrass Distillers is a craft bourbon distillery in the heart of the Kentucky Bluegrass where fast horses are bred and where the best whiskey in the world is made.
Our recipes are formulated in house and each batch hand crafted at our distillery with GMO Free and locally sourced Kentucky Proud ingredients. Following distillation, our spirits are aged to perfection right here in our new custom made charred white oak barrels.
Our team takes pride in the ability to complete every step of the process from mashing ingredients, fermenting, distilling in our 250 gallon copper pot still, aging and even labeling in our little distillery all by the hands of our dedicated team.

Bluegrass Distillers Bourbon



Bluegrass Distillers Bourbon Whiskey Distillery Lexington, KY


11:00 AM – 5:00 PM


10:00 AM – 5:00 PM


We designed our customized program around a 5 gallon barrel to enable more people to enjoy the experience of what goes into crafting their own bourbon. Not only is the 5 gallon charred white oak barrel a reasonable price for the opportunity to drive your own bourbon barrel product, we also believe the 5 gallon barrel is a very effective way to refine your bourbon. This is due to the fact that a smaller barrel has a smaller surface area, which creates an effect of being aged longer.

Mash Bills
We do not self label. All labels on spirits must be approved by the Federal Government. Your bottles will come with the Private Selection label for the spirit you select. You can select your product from our two main bourbon mash bills.

Mashbill #1, yellow corn and rye
Mashbill #2, yellow corn and wheat

*We do not offer this product for blue corn bourbon.

We offer this entire experience for $2100 plus tax. A non-refundable deposit of $1,700, plus tax, is due when you sign the contract and fill your barrel. This price includes up to 50 – 750 ml bottles, standard labels, corks, bottling, boxes and your barrel. If you do not designate in your contract whether you want it proofed to 90 or 100 then we will fill your bottles at barrel strength, which is 109. There will be an additional charge of $3 per bottle if your yield is over 50 bottles. We will notify you when your product reaches its 2 year birthday celebration to inform you when your product will be ready. You have 60 days to pick up your product after we bottle the product. If you do not pick it up within 60 days, then you will have relinquished your right to the product and we are free to sell it and keep the proceeds. We have a formal contract for you to sign and contains all the terms and conditions.

The Process
We start all of our bourbons in 53 and 25 gallons barrels. They are the parent barrels. Then we allow you to personally select the spirit you want to fill your own 5 gallon barrel from a group parent barrels that we have set aside specifically for the barrel program. At this point you pay a deposit of ⅔ of the cost of the final product and we give you a “Barrel Receipt”. A barrel receipt is law instrument that establishes your interest in the product pursuant to KRS __________. We then age your product on site until the product becomes a “straight” 2 year bourbon. Aging the spirit for this long creates a much nicer and stronger flavor from the sugars created by our white oak barrels. After your barrel goes straight, we will bottle it and notify you that your bottles and barrel are ready for pick up. The remainder of your contract is due when we will release the product to you. You can only pick up ______ per day. Therefore, it may take you up to ___ days to pick up all of your bottles. We bottle at barrel strength, which typically comes out of the barrel at 109 proof unless you specifically ask that we barrel at a lower strength. The standard package includes up to 50 bottles. Some of your product may be lost to the angel’s share, which is where your alcohol seeps into layers of the wood, so your barrel may not contain 50 bottles of product at the time of bottling. We are able to proof your product down to whatever you choose. We recommend not proofing it lower than 90 proof. There will be an additional charge of $3 per bottle over 50 bottles. Our barrels are normally filled between 115 and 120 proof. Therefore, proofing the product down to 90 or 100 could increase your yield in terms of bottles per barrel.




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